Saturday, March 2, 2013

Skills that I want to learn

Apart from what I'm learning at uni right now, since I was a kid I had dreamed a lot of things to do and learn in this impermanent world.

In this post I just want to write a simple but compact post in order to fulfill my current mind/brain disorder which is I tend to keep losing my short term memory like when I'm multi-tasking at that time and then an idea pops out of my head and if I don't write the idea or kind of save it in my head it just goes away like just like its been blown by wind and it would really take me a hard time to remember back or recover the memory for use, lol I don't know how to fix it, I should be doing some research online to fix this problem seriuosly.( even in this post I forgot something while writing, oh i can't stand it anymore...)

So, about my skills and dream that I want to do, I just really wanna share it with you and want to save it for my future reading actually, I've always wanted to learn parkour. You know when people run fast and use their surrounding to the fullest to move/get away fast without injuring your ownself. So thats parkour. Its a very useful skill if you want to move fast or run from someone while walking really and is best used in urban areas where buildings are sky-tall.

Maybe in the Third-World-War it might be useful if we know it cause we wanna chase somebody or run from somebody and now I'm really starting to lose ideas to write. Haha i just forgot whats the other skill i wanna write in this post and just recovered it back to my memory.

THe other one is Archery, why I really want to learn this skill is because of the Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h once said that to teach your children to swim, to shoot a bow(archery), and to ride a horse. The goodness  of learning this skill are a lot, one of it is when the end of the world is just around the corner and people are at war with each other, when nukes and missiles are gone and finish people will go back to use old school weapons including a bow which can be easily made by natural resources. So, that's why i really want to learn it in case there's a way coming and nukes and pistols are gone, besides, archery can also increase accuracy, alertness, decision making and lot more stuff.

So that's all for this post. It seems a bit long by the way after overseeing it finally, haha but all is done i done, so so long, until next time...

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