Monday, January 10, 2011

FAcebook closing!!!Good news or bad news??

Mark Zuckerberg
I don't know, there are pros and cons if they really want to close it but i think they wont, haha c u next time...

7 people around the world who look the same

While I was walking to and from my study place I had to meet and see many faces, at bus stops, before entering classes etc. But one thing that makes me wonder why I keep seeing people with same faces, some my close friends and some are not but it makes me wonder for while, are them who i think they are or are they people that only have the same faces like my friends , huh i wonder....when will I meet one of mine, one with the same exact face of mine, I guess I have to go to a lot more places to meet one...


Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Don't know why???

i don't know why but my posts keep going longer and longer making this blog like a diary to me ,haha but it mkaes me feel good somehow so readers out there(if only I have one loyal, one) keep reading if you like my post if not tell me in the comments and say straight that my blog sucks and getting sucker and worse, and for those who like my revolusionize blog now keep commenting on my diary of mine and say what you want to say even sating bad things to me as long as you are a loyal reader of blog of mine, and thanks for reading....:)

In safe hands, Allah!!!

Alhamdulillah I'm safe here at the borders of Malaysia... haha.... continuing studies at one of the most unknown universities in Malaysia, maybe one will somehow here it once but will just forget the name just like that.

but when someone knows the uniqueness of this institute maybe they will never forget it. haven't unpacked my stuffs into my locker yet , I felt boring waiting for the school to start, I mean the learning sessions to start pacing again, to start the race to get high pointers again :( not that i can get high on that, Insha-Allah in the future...Insha-Allah and i mean it for real with all my hardwork will be focused on that only...

So, good luck for me for this sem, may Allah bless me and help me in every way HE can help me to get what i wanted in the near future...of course to get married and have a good work to support my family and lived happily ever after until akhirat... Insha-Allah..

Saturday, January 1, 2011

TOnight is the nite!!!

Tonight I will be on a journey back to school, back to studying on a bus...........back to this boring life...

Embedding VAlues from all around us

We accept or accidentally accept values from all around us everday whether it is good values or bad values. We can get them from watching TV shows, communicating with people or socializing with them or even worse living with them.

Living in closed community makes us, human like that. They start to accept other people's bad attitude or they didn't accept it at first after day by day, they watch and watch the people around him doing bad things and he cannot get away from it, he will eventually one day accept it or do some things similar or worse.

Friends for exmaple, close ones, we get to know each other, some are good and some are bad and somehow the bad or good things make us hating each other deep inside our hearts but we must accept it in order to live longer and be like by everyone but it will affect us somehow.

so it affects us by the values, close friends for example will share some values to each other at the end of the day or after a long relationship and one day they separate, THEN they will feel the ne value they got in them that was sucked from their friend whether it is good or bad. Its like sharing a cake but the ingredients usually doesn't come from the good stuff only but the ingredients now will com efrom the bad stuff also and you know what i mean. The stuff that makes us hate each other and that's the stuff we're eating and the stuff that will grow inside us changing and turning us into the good stuff or the bad stuff and THAT makes ourselves change day by day to the good side or the bad side....

So in a nutshell we must hate this bad stuff very much and keep away from socializing or being friend with the people containing the bad stuff...... but its hard to that nowadays after all in the world we are living now, its hard to find a good friend or neighbour that have the good stuff in them that can be shared with us in the future.....

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