Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Off to kl

im gonna be offline for a few days
going to KL

fixing my pc from spyware/adware/malware i dont even know
still figuring it out


so c ya later

c me fixing the pc hehe

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yaaay alhamdulillah

got my license back(have to make a new one)
but then one thing for sure that i got my university letter and that made me very happy
but still something went wrong
i got fine for reckless driving(while riding a motorcycle) got fine for disobeying rules by going at the traffic light when red
lol i didnt saw it coz its a school traffic light which is usually green but that day it was red and a police traffic was (accidentally) behind me
haha but that doesn't make me feel sad again
hehe alhamdulillah

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Lol thought that this week would be a better week
but hell no it isn't
it just got started
my week changed frantically when my parents forcing me to finish getting my car license quick(dunno y=thought maybe to let me send and take my brother to and from school)
and on that particular day
it started
the nightmare i've always feared b4 the day of bad luck all the way
dunno y its always happening to me maybe got some hikmah from Allah for me
well some say what goes around comes around, lol , it maybe right coz bad things happen to me and come back
what the hell's going on with my life
u know what i didn't told you yet about my "nightmare" yet
here's how it goes:
my motorcycle license got lost(P) just got it a few days b4)
my driver's learning license for car got lost too
and enough for that my IC was lost too(dunno where the hell does these things went)
searched my whole house but still cant find it

imagine how much fine/charge i have to pay for renewing those cards
lol, so much for the governments plan to turn digital in 2015 they should make a single universal card in case something like this happen to people
lol still I cant go learn some lessons at PSm
cant go out (without my motorcycles license)
and dunno what to do now

almost all of my friends r all gone now
continueing thier studies
my favourite friend talhah went to matriks
at the end of July then i can go and 'have fun' while studying
what am i gonna do alone here just with a bunch more friends waiting like me
:(( still i cant go out of house

YA ALLAH please make me happy although whatever u put me to ur test
and other people who has the same fate as me


Monday, May 11, 2009

blog gets updated with new links

This blog is in reno and is/will be added with some useful links u might want to use
you can watch HTF(Happy Tree Friends) Videos and download softwares and games, and clicking the link will automatically open a new tab so dont worry right clicking to open a new tab to go somewhere
so enjoy the new feature

US journalist freed by Iran, reunited with parents

AP – Reza Saberi and his wife Akiko, parents of US-Iranian journalist Roxana
Saberi, wait before their daughter …

TEHRAN, Iran – An American journalist imprisoned on espionage charges in Iran for four months was freed Monday and reunited with her smiling, tearful parents — a move that clears a major obstacle to President Barack Obama's attempts at dialogue with the top U.S. adversary in the Middle East. The United States had said the charges against Roxana Saberi, a 32-year-old dual Iranian-American citizen, were baseless and repeatedly demanded her release.

Hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad could also win some domestic political points a month before he faces a re-election challenge from reformers who seek to ease Iran's bitter rivalry with the United States.

Saberi's Iranian-born father, Reza Saberi, wiped away tears, then flashed a broad smile as he and his wife, Akiko, arrived at Tehran's Evin prison — notorious for holding political prisoners — to meet their daughter. Akiko Saberi, who is of Japanese origin, wore a flowered headscarf.

"I'm very happy that she is free. Roxana is in good condition," Reza Saberi said later at his family home in Tehran. "We had expected her release but not so soon. She will be preparing to leave (Iran) tomorrow or the day after tomorrow."

The younger Saberi, who was taken out of Evin through a back door away from journalists, was not seen after her release. She was staying with her parents at a friend's home, apparently to avoid publicity before leaving Iran.

Her release came when an appeals court reduced her eight-year prison sentence on charges of spying for the U.S. to a two-year suspended sentence, said Iranian judiciary spokesman Ali Reza Jamshidi. He said Saberi was free to leave Iran.

The court ordered the reduction as a gesture of "Islamic mercy" because she had cooperated with authorities and had expressed regret, he said.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the Obama administration continues to stress that Saberi was wrongly accused, "but we welcome this humanitarian gesture."

The release ends an ordeal for Saberi, who was convicted and sentenced in a secret session by a security court. Her father said the trial lasted only 15 minutes and her lawyer was not given time to defend her.

Her parents, who live in Fargo, N.D., rushed to Iran to seek her freedom. At one point, the younger Saberi held a hunger strike protesting her jailing, but ended it after two weeks when her parents, visiting her in prison, asked her to stop because her health was weakening.

Saberi, who was crowned the 1997 Miss North Dakota, moved to Iran six years ago and had worked as a freelance journalist for several organizations, including NPR and the British Broadcasting Corp.

She was arrested in late January, but it was not known until Feb. 10, when she called her father in Fargo and told him she had been detained. She said it was because she had bought a bottle of wine, which is illegal in Iran but available on the black market. Her parents decided not to publicize the news until early March when their concerns grew because their regular communications with her were cut off.

The next day, Iran's Foreign Ministry acknowledged her arrest, saying she was working in the country illegally because her press credentials were revoked in 2006. But when she was put on trial in mid-April, she was convicted on much harsher charges of spying for the United States.

The conviction and heavy sentence brought strong criticism from the U.S. and other countries at a time when Obama was reaching out to Tehran. Iranian leaders have given mixed signals to the U.S. outreach, sometimes appearing cold, but at times expressing optimism over possible talks. Saberi's arrest, however, was seen by many in the West as a sign that at least some hard-liners in Tehran may be trying to scuttle any overtures.

In the face of U.S. criticism, Ahmadinejad and others sounded a more moderate tone, promising that Saberi's case would get a full review on appeal.

On Sunday, the appeals court convened for five hours, allowing the defense to make its case. Her lawyers emerged saying they were able to defend her and were optimistic her sentence would be reduced.

Saberi family friends in Fargo were elated at news of her release. Last month, many had tied yellow ribbons around trees in the quiet upscale neighborhood along the Red River Valley to show support for her.

Marianna Malm, Saberi's former English teacher at Fargo North High School, was in tears Monday as she prepared for work.

"They are tears of joy," Malm said. "It's an overwhelming announcement."

Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., said Saberi's imprisonment "could not stand the test of public opinion."

"Obviously this means Iran has responded in the right way to this situation," Dorgan said. "They're moving to correct something that was a terrible miscarriage of justice."


Associated Press Writers Nasser Karimi in Tehran, James MacPherson in Bismarck, N.D., and Jeff Baenen in Minneapolis contributed to this report.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mas Selamat Arrested

Monday May 11, 2009

Police arrest Mas Selamat’s landlord

JOHOR BARU: The landlord of the house where fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari was caught hiding in was arrested last week at his work place.

Villagers at Kampung Tawakal said the man, known as Johar, was a contractor.

They described him as the “quiet type,” just like Mas Selamat.

Many believed that it was Johar who had tipped off police about Mas Selamat’s whereabouts.

Villagers said that it was hard to keep track of people living in the area as many of the houses were rented out to tenants who kept moving out.

Shopkeeper Roslan Talib, 39, said Johar often came to buy groceries from his shop.

“I heard that Mas Selamat often went fishing at the canal behind his house,’’ he said.

Rsolan said that it was a pity he did not know Mas Selamat lived nearby or they would have reported him to get the S$1mil (RM2.4mil) reward offered for his arrest.

The hunt for Mas Selamat, 48, began after the head of the Singapore Jemaah Islamiah escaped the Whitley Road Detention Centre in Singapore while on a toilet break on Feb 27, last year.

This sparked a massive regional hunt for the militant who is suspected to have planned various terror plots, including crashing a plane into Changi airport in Singpaore as well as attacking different targets, such as the American Embassy and the Singapore American School.

He was previously jailed in Bintan for using a fake identity card and was handed over to Singapore in 2006 for detention under the Internal Security Act without trial.

Monday, May 4, 2009

1 minute of winning or losing

recently i just passed my motorcycle test at PSM(where i learned and got my license)
thought it would be easy at first but finally i had to take it three times then I can pass
haha, I was so unlucky
I noticed the Officer that was testing me that day at first and he took a glimpse of my face then he look at my papers(my recent tests and anything else)
and guess what he laughs by his own just like an insane man
i thought so coz i had to take three tests then can pass
I was myself laughing too after the test
I said "huh, finally i passed"
i would like to jump and scream like hell but theres too much people there
haha its all from the support of my family(my mother,father, brother) and Faiz Stopa(haha)
he unofficially helped me, and i thought i wanted to give everyone i know there a treat at the cafe there but some refuses and some was not there,hehe
Amirul(cant remember his real name=just called him Amirul Ayu, haha), Zulhilmi bin Johari(my old best friend) and others

and one last thins b4 i went home i met other old time friends too
and one of them after me telling him that i pass the test said "Pasni boleh rempitlah,haha"
haha i laughed and then some old man heard and said loudly "hei budok nih test dok pass lagi nak rempit doh" and almost all there laugh,haha what a joke

so long for now
until next time my location of test on satellite view haha

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