Saturday, November 6, 2010

jumpa yg baik ada lagi yg lagi baik

baru ni adalah baru jumpa bdk baik sorang tapi ingat ke dia dah yg terbaik pernah jumpa seumur hidup tapi rupa-rupanya tidur bangun tidur bangun jumpa bdk lain yg lagi baik dari budak yang no. satu. Tapi dalam jumpa orang jahat plk, ingat ke dia dah yg paling jahat kat dunia ni tapi ader lagi yg lagi jahat dari dia rupenyer.

moral of the story jangan terlalu percayakan orang dan jangan ingat kesudahan dunia kat situ jer....bnyk lagi yg kita x tahu slagi kite masih hidup di muka bumi ini...

Friday, October 8, 2010

Last minute Rayer 6

haha, hari ni last syawal pastu last day poser nam, main selang-seli selang-seli sappalah rayer 6 hari terakhir syawal, giler sikit lagi nk habis, malas poser punyer pasal, tengok orang lain duk sibuk bende lain je hari ni, ader nk main pertandingan bolalah, ader nk on movie lah, tp saya nk raya 6 je hari ni, nk mkn yg sedap2 je....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

18 going on 19

My birthday is just around the corner with just a few days to come, i would totally be alone on that day and celebrate it on my own, my way.... even if somebody or someone or somegroup would celebrate it with me surprisingly.. i would not like it either because i hate people celebrating a birthday too much not that im a president or a noble-winner or an ulama' or something....

So, im getting old now and i hope i will change into a good and nice man slaving myself to Allah The Almighty, The Most Merciful, The Only One Rabb before stepping into my second decade life to make sure i change myslef into a well human being before getting old, or when its too late to change...

SOoooo Early Happy birthday too myself and good luck for me( to those reading this or not)( i dont pretty much care at all becoz this blog is mainly made for me to look into in the near future or when im dying with boredness when im old one day.... so tata......see you again sooner or later, hahaha..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it me or is it a pandemic???

okay, I just recovered from a major somewhat disease last week and i thought what is it, its so powerful i think it was the most powerful fever i ever had.

It all started after i went to BTN which is compulsory by the university and the day after we came back to our hotel some of my classmates had fever and me too had it but that only lasts for a day or two and was not so powerful.

but it was not healed well, it left me with a major cough with trouble to sleep at night and all that and it fell like hell to me.

And the real day came after 4 days coming home from the BTN programme, on that Friday morning the major fever started, my body started to heat fast. At that time when i held my hands together i felt like it was burning becoz it was soooo hot, i was covering myself with a blanket with legs outside(knew this tip after researching in the internet on how to cure fever naturally)

SO i waited and slept until came 1 o'clock and it was time to go for friday prayers and i thought i wanted to skip it becoz i was uncapable of walking properly at that time but i was adament to go too, so i had a quick bath and went early in order to catch a bus to go to the mosque becoz im afraid i could faint on the way to the mosque if i went walking, so after the prayers i went home and slept immediately......

in a mere 24 hours from that i recovered after finishing my antibiotics, haha how thankful and happy i Am but my cough isn't gone yet, my friends were all infected with the same thing one by one in order, haha and how fair it was amongst us, and how delightful i am becoz im not facing this myself even though not at the same time, haha :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

We came baack home just like we were working......we were very exhausted..

just a nother day at the workshop, the mechatronic workshop 1 subject,a compulsory subject, but this week we started doing sheet metal, cutting and bending, and hitting those aluminium sheet with all we got left from this afternoon's fasting.

we were doing those work like we were very thirsty and with some technical problem in the main (wrong dimensions) in the main drawing, we had to face some phsycological trauma...

and that's another day being a mechatronic engineeiring student hoping to get a piece of paper that might not worth anything to anyone if it gets lost, haha....just a joke....till then...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First day doing welding(should be on 19th july 2010)

First day doing welding, well it went well after a little bit of briefing but it was still a bad day full of bad n good things in the same day, fuuh, i sigh after facing that day,
so lets read what really happen that day:

Monday (19th July 2010)
IN the morning i had one class in pauh then i went back home, while just wearing a kain sarung(kain pelekat) i went out thinking of taking the right key in my hands and shutting the my door's room locked, and then it starts happening, my worst nightmare, i locked myself out with the wrong keys in my hand and by just wearing a t-shirt and a sarong, with just half an hour to class i didn't know what to do, i just relaxed at first hoping my roomate would come home with his keys to open the door, and guess what, my handphone was in there too, oooh , i thought i would never go to class that day even though its important bcause its a four hour class(workshop actually), so then i started getting afraid, afraid of misssing class... which i never done b4 since first sem, so i callled for help, first my housemate which is luckily my coursemate too, and then i called my friends, Sani n Aqmal to help me poke a card into the door's lock hoping it would open the door but we failed after all of us tried(it should be easy but that day felt hard even for everyone),

So, my housemate asked to lend me some trousers for me from Aqmal, so he agreed and gave a track-bottom thinking of me wont fit into his normal trousers cause im a little bit fat, hahaha(what a confession), so i wore it but i had to wear a t-shirt with a collar thinking of me going to class and into workshop,ohh and i forgot that i left my jacket in the room too, what a bad day it is... and then i hop in one of my friends cars to go to class which is a little bit far from the hostel....and then i borrowed a jacket from another housemat of mine on the way to go to class, luckily...but it was still small, lol;;

SO, i went to my class and a little bit briefing and off we went welding by ourself which i never done b4 but i had seen it from close b4, bla bla bla, my friend went to the hospital because some hot metal jumped into his eye, hehe, but his skin eye burn turning into black luckily it didn't hit his eyeball.So, i had to take his metal he left behind and get questioned and scold by technician , huh , adding an extra credit to my bad day, ahhh.

but then at the end of the day, i thought, what the hell , i didn't see it, i got helped by many of my friends at first and then i had to help my friend again but still i had a bad day but with a good thought of my friends are always there for me some day even if my friends are those who i never knew them and sociallize with them well.

p:s//haha on the night of my first welding day, i had a major eye pain just what the technician said but i didn't thought it would be so much pain,on the other day i had my eyes running with water like im crying 24 hours, it was like my tears water tap had leak,haha but on the third day it was fine again, how im glad tht day would come......

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

WOooo gi Bukit Gambang!!!

sbb lamer sngt x gi jalan2 jadi braser sdpla skit gi jalan2 ni last skali pun raser gi bukit merah,
jadi baru ni mase nk hntr pergi krja blh lah brenti skjp kat Bkt Gambnag Waterpark 2 wak baru bkk, mser tu bnyk lagi wak dok siap tp puas dh gi pun...
kat tin mine racer nilah raser bahayer skali, dia macam wak ader kat sunway, ingat nk mati dah naik wak ni hahaha sebab terbang skjp,haha

tp last skali tekan lah jgk sbb ayah jatuh spek dalam kat cocoa beach atas nih, pastu nk kena cari plk, nyelam lah aper pastu ombak mari lah, giler cari jgk maser tuh, tp last skali tengok ader org bg maser nk balik, tekan gilerlah sbb dia x bg awal2 sblm org cari akhirnya oklah untuk cuti skjp tp x puas manalah sbb bazir maser cari spek tuh.....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Getting friendly with Mr. Lathe MaChiNe

ok , hmm x jumpe gambar machine nih, xpe bayang jer

mesin ni sebenarnya untuk kerat besi lead to biar bentu jadi cantik
sem ni jer blajar subjek (machining workshop nih) rupa2nya mechatronic/mekanikal memang ader lead machine dalm bidang dia, siap ader org krja jadi pengerat besi gini jer...

ok, first kene briefing dulu,ingat lagi maser dia briefing yg technician tu dia kater kite kene kenal
mesin ni sebab kalu x kenal maka x cinta, tapi mesin ni x blh kenal kita,biar kite je kenal dia baru kite kenal dia,
sebenarnya mesin ni mmg bahayer kalu salah masuk tangan ke baju ke dalam tu dia tetap pusing kecuali orang tekn emergency break dia, ader setengah tu rosak emergency break , tunggu maser jelah kawan tuh...hehe

ok kami pun startlah buat lead tuh, kene kerat sikit demi sikit, mula2 group kami(sorang lagi kawan ) lambat tapi akhir2 bl potong org lain haha, puas hati..

kene potong skit2, nanti dia kluar besi tu dari megangda tu kalu ptoong bnyk,dia siap blh tukar speed lagi, nak brape rpmlah, aper semua....

produk comel giler
mcm aper x tahu tapi comellah

besi tu letak dalam gigi mesin tu pastu dia berpusing , mata alat(msein tu statik je) besi produk kite tu yg berpusng sbb tu kena secure betul2 besi tu jngn bagi dia gerak maser awal2,

satu lagi group(kerat kelas separuh) masuk milling machin, yg tu mesin gerak bukan bahan kerja gerak,
semua technician baik2 semua,kdng2 marah la skit2 sbb x ikut arahan,hehe

tulah criter dia,xdok idea doh...haha

UP(movie review)

lol gambar kat atas huduh skit,
first time post dlm bm raser, xper ah practice makes perfect, haha

criter ni berkisar tentang(macam ganaz doh, haha) seorang budak yg minat sngt kat seorang lelaki tu name aper x tahu ,xingat famous giler lah dia,ooooooooooooohhhh , x jadi BM hancur...

transform....Ku kih kukih(transformers transforming sound)

A dream of a boy to meet his admirer, he was so determined to meet him himslef,then one day while he was playing his balloon(pretending to be the man he admires adventuring the falls(cant remember the name either)using his air ship) he heard a girl talking to alone in a hous, the dialouge he remembered most, once his "dream man" said(cant remember the dialouge either)haha.

and then they oth become close friends sharingthesame interest, the same man they love, until they married each other, the boy become a balloon seller the girl i think become a house maid only, but they both still got the same dream , to meet the man they admire most at the waterfall(cant remember the name), so they started collecting money(fund-raising ) to take a journey to find who they want to meet most(what a happy couple)...


bnyk sngt nak criter

transform skali lagi ....

ok dipendekkan criter laki tu jadi tua, isteri dia mati tapi ddream tu tetap ader, pastu dia jumper bdk tu, terbangkan rumah dia gune balllooon bnyk2, pergi ke destinasi
lepas tu tngh jalan jumpe anjing blh cakap, burung unta kot(hhah)
lepas tu balah2 skit pastu habis criter...

sedih jgk criter tp last skali ttp best...
mmg criter disney gabung ngan pixar buat touching skit(kalu paham betullah criter dia)

ok done...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Been so long since last post

it has been a long time since the last post of mine here, lol :(
very sad for me
all of that is because of me getting busy(or pretending to be busy) on studying(hard)
haha for this semester, but that's not the end
I'll be posting a series of stories of my hard Studying here just to cure my missness(not the right word) into blogging
so hold on and wait for it...

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