Sunday, January 1, 2012

Doing practical now!!

Being busy lately and no internet connections to be found. In this semester i will go through a whole lot of new experience which is practical/internship. Before this my lecturer asks us(class) to send our resumes to companies that we want to practical at and wait for reply. I've got two in kedah with both reasonable allowances, but my friend didn't get anywhere until the end of last semester. Finally he ask some help of his cousin working in Petronas Gas in Kertih and coincidently he asks me to give me my resume and then i got to go there with the allowance of rm500 per month.

At first I thought it was a lot but after living in Paka for awhile now i know why they give the allowance so high because the cost of living here is very high. Standard food prices outside are RM4-RM5. So, instead of enjoying the allowance I need to be more careful managing the money than spending it on non-useful stuff or food. Even my house rent is Rm500 divided by 3 and the landlord told us not to add more people or they will charge more...

I've been here for a month now staring 5th of December 2011 and there's free wifi internet from my neighbor at first but then he no know that someone is using his wifi then he puts a password in it and after a whole lot of learning to hack a wifi password, finally i managed to hack his password haha, yes...

And then there's the story of people I've meet with all sorts of behaviour, people who are lazy, hardworking but sometimes lazy and many more people with lots and lots of trouble coming ahead of me...I hope I can survive this semester with flying colours or just like I am always being...normal....see you next time

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