Thursday, August 25, 2011

Raya comes again!!!

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This years raya seems to be come closer but its in the middle of the semester making this raya another unhappy raya too, just like last year, after raya I had to prep for finals but this raya is a little bit better because it is far from finals(maybe around a month or so), so I can go home and raya a little bit happpier than last year. That's a little bit improvement on my emotion this year..

So, Ramadhan is just finishing its last days, and also the gates of HELL will start to open again and out comes all the Syaitans(devils) to continue their work of making HUmans to go HELL with them at the end of the world.

So, i hope this years ramadhan is the best for all of you because we don't know if we can still live to go through next year's ramadhan before dying but my ramadhan this year is just like HELL i would say because its the best and the worst ramadhan i've gone through...

I've done a lot of ibadah this year especially finally completing the Quran Insya-Allah but I also did bad things in this year's ramadhan, things that makes my pahala goes down while fasting and things that nearly make me skip my fast...

SO, in this wonderful month and this opportunity, I would like to say Selamat HAri Raya Aidilfitri to whoever's reading and Maaf Zahir BAtin to whoever's reading and to whoever I have made wrong to them, I would like to say sorry this time of the year, so happy holidays and be happy celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri after a month of fasting....and I hope for me and my readers to try to continue the amal and ibadah done in Ramadhan in other months too...Insya-Allah.. :-|

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