Wednesday, August 19, 2009

H1n1 alert

although i guess im a little bit late but its still here

so im just telling that beware and be carefull of these things because we cant see it
with our own eyes

there are also some people who said that this virus is made by CDC or other organizations but nonetheless i dont really care i just care about avoiding it because i happen to have h1n1 after me coming home from semeseter break from university but luckily and Alhamdulillah it goes away just like that

so beware and be careful and always ask from Allah to avoid us from getting it...

here are some websites I wanna link to help u find info and guides about this deadly virus:

Mlaysian government health agency

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long way back home...

Its a long journey getting home
10 hours of journey
who would'nt be tired enough to go back home and sleep.....

it all started with a chaos early in the morning
on the other night me n my friend, sham are at wit's end when we dont know what to do because we dont have a solution to get to kangar to go home
then i decided to call a friend of mine who lives in kangar, to ask him if he would have a taxi phone no. or something
then i asked him

he said he didnt have any...instead he offered to send me the next day in the morning
people in Perlis seems to be very helpful
just like on the first day I arrived there on registration day when i wanted to register to UniMAP, im finding a pale, and i asked and asked people for places, and finally when i asked a store, a stranger, who is a woman asked me what i wanted, then i answered and she showed me where the right store is.tht's the first impression of mine for people's in Perlis.

but now, my friend Sani just now is also like one of them,
just feeling helpful to people withou intending any rewards or so..
then he sent me that morning...
me and sham boarded the bus and there goes our journey...

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