Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lol just wanna list down what im gonna miss when imgoing

of course first of all my family
my mother,my father, mr brothers and sisters

my beloved motorcycle(lol felt like its gonna miss me too cos felt like its power is decreasing when my last ride on him)haha gonna miss u cub(hehe just gave it a name haha)

portal komuniti smkatj
gonna miss it so much
and all erm juniors
lol if only i can online at u in the future then i wont miss it(hope so)

lol gonna miss my blogs
still under construction lol
got many followers haha (mostly iela=the same person lol)

gonna miss this computer lol
(caring it now)
lol gonna miss this powerful computer
gonna miss opening tabs so much hmmm

gonna miss the internet but its ok coz if im online while at U i can go to my link blog then can get easy access to places i like
also in this blog got links to my favourite websites tooo(especially online flash games haha)

-still not done-

Making ur firefox run faster while browsing

if u want to make IE run faster you must make another different tweak that i could'nt remember,
but now its for firefox
so first step is to go to firefox and type in about:config at the navigation bar(the place where u always put url or website addresses hehe)

then click I'll be careful, I promise
now just search for 'pipelining' at the filter
then it will show four results
so the first one is to set the first one from false to true just by double clicking it
the second one
maxrequest=set it to 8 (also double click to change)
its maximum value is 8 but you can also put higher haha
to make sure it is the fastest speed you can get
then, the other two remaining down there just set it to true too
then u r done now

so enjoy :D
this tutorial is specially dedicated to iela haha(for requesting)
this post maybe my last post
dunno yet

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a few more days to.....

a few more days to blast off haha

not blast off but temporary/permanent/terminal shutdown of this blog
and this blog will stop posting for sure in just a few days more

if not i can still post but with limited time and space
so followers(erm 2 followers only) and viewers haha it dependz on u to keep following me or ignoring me in the future

maybe in the future ill change this blog into a wedding blog(hehe)for my wedding, haha
what a futurist kid I am
coz im continuing my studies at a far place
further than the moon hehe
just a round the corner of malaysia actually

so sit tight coz another blogger will be gone or not(just wait and c)

P/s:will still post after this, lol special request from iela haha

this is still not the last post
it will be long...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Don't Give Your Email Address and Password to Other Web Sites

taken from lifehacker website

From the no-kidding files: The New York Times discusses a neither new nor uncommon practice employed by less reputable web sites that ask for your email address and password, then spam everyone in your contact list.

I thought it was a little strange when I received separate e-mail messages from two people I knew only slightly asking me to click and see their photos on a social networking site called Tagged.

I ignored them at first, but then thought maybe I should check it out. After all, I should keep up on what's hot in the social networking world, right? This could be the new Twitter.

That's when I started doing everything wrong. I obligingly typed in my e-mail address and a password to see those photos. Well, the photos didn't exist, but I had unwittingly given the site "permission" to go through my entire e-mail contact list and send a message to everyone, inviting them to see my "photos."

The two screenshots you see here come from Tagged, the web site the author of the Times piece highlights. As you can see in the first shot, the site claims it's going to find out which of your friends are using Tagged already, but doesn't exactly scream "I'm going to spam your friends!" It's not until later that Tagged hints that it might be sending out unwanted emails to your entire contact list.

The problem is two-fold. First, as surprising as it may seem, some people actually intentionally use this "feature" to get their friends to join them. When that's the case, the problem isn't really with the web site—it's with the user. As a user, intentionally using a tool that emails everyone in your contact list is simply bad netiquette.

Second, and more importantly, web sites that employ this sort of spamming (it's not spamming, strictly speaking, nor is it exactly phishing, as the NYT points out) are more often than not violating your expectations as a user. Users are often unaware that their email information will be used to scrape their contact list and email all of their friends; frequently this disclosure is hidden in a site's terms of service.

Before we blow too hard on our righteous indignation whistle, let's just go straight to the takeaway for you and me, the users: Do not hand out your email credentials just because someone asked for them. It may seem obvious at this point (as I said, this practice isn't new), but whether you're at a phishing site or an actual web site looking to spam your friends, family, and coworkers, think very carefully about whether or not you want to give someone you don't know or trust the keys to one of your most important portals of communication. Occasionally you will find a reputable site or service to which you are willing to hand over those credentials, so it's not set in stone that you can't give them out. But be aware that when you do, you need to consider the possible consequences.

We'd assume that most Lifehacker readers are already savvy enough to avoid these pitfalls, but if you know some folks who commonly fall for these sort of traps, go ahead and forward on to your less savvy friends. Have you ever been on either end of these pseudo-spam lists? Ever have to issue an apology to your entire contact list? Share your experience in the comments.
Typing In an E-Mail Address, and Giving Up Your Friends' as Well [NYT]

Friday, June 19, 2009

Photoshop 101

Cutting/taking an object from a background

Create new path
Click at pen(sharp pen)
start to cut the image you want(for curve cutting you must make many points or follow the cutting tips)

Cutting tips:

Select point:hit Ctrl key+click on the point
Delete point:Click on the point
Moving point:Ctrl key+click+move mouse
(dunno whether theses tips work coz i dont really use it lol)

Ctrl key and take eveything you cut using ur mouse(like taking many files to copy)
then Ctrl click on the new path
go to select, click feather(put 2 or something=the higher the number the smoother it will be)
Click the layer tab at the right then click background and copy(Ctrl+C at the background)
It will show a no entry sign when u want to copy it but ignore it
Create a new layer
and paste at the new layer(Ctrl+V)
Check ur cut image by clicking at the eye symbol at the background

Changing backgrounds:

Ctrl click and take all of ur cuttings(just like above)
then Ctrl click at the path(same as above)
go to select, click inverse, then click feather (and do the same as above)
create a new layer
go to edit and select fill
select colour and choose the colour you want

done :) enjoy

Thursday, June 11, 2009


post willl start coming back
pc got fixed
now my internet got some problems
so wait

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