Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warning the global pendemic is in ur way

This is no joke because earlier reports have been told that in Israel(the zionist) have been reported that 10 have died from swine flu
so beware coz now its spreading through out the middle east
despite the long thousand of kilometers of distance of Middle East to Malaysia we better get prepared for it
the WHO told tht its okay to eat pork even though this pig, poultry and human strain virus is already spreading
who cares about eating pork now coz the virus is somehow coming from the pork itself
lol I thought so that the WHO would say like that for this starting pandemic that is all caused by some dumb people eating pork huh

Pigs can harbor infleunza viruses adapted to humans and others that are adapted to birds, allowing the viruses to exchange genes and create a pandemic strain.

Promote for Swine flu shot

haha check this funny vid on swine flu shot

Any guides to go to a pasar malam?

haha-made on 6.45p.m 28th April 09
i just came back from the night market or easily called the pasar malam
my mom asked me to buy things in details
before this i always go with my mom and just follow her from the back
but now for the first time i had the task to buy somethings haha(looks too hard)
haha but for me ill just buy what i wanna buy (and looks delicious for me) things that show up in front of me at the pasar malam haha, fried chicken or something

so this afternoon my mom asks me to buy some karipaps(of course i know what is it =haha)
so i searched n searched(just making sure its not there to make excuses from being scold by my mother=haha)
but didnt find one
so sad at tht time cannot fullfill my mother's task especially when she wants to break her fast(its just a side order but it seems to be important too)

so i just went back empty-handed hehe (just missed the karipap=other foods-mission accomplished)

so my way of shopping is just errrm I technically call it fast-shopping
in order to save time= i just walk fast and buy what i want=haha absolutely what i want when i buy alone
haha so thts my way hows ur way-send comments to answer

Happy Birthday Muzammir

Happy Birthday to my old beloved friend Muzammir
just want to make sure u recieve my *&*%^* dont know what to say
vocabulary lost

☼ The heat gets paid back ☼

maybe this pic fits me haha
thunder is outiside
very scared for opening my pc hehe
haha just now it gives me hell for the heat of the earth
(gives me hell) haha never been there though but can make it connect to hell cause it was really really really hot just now
but luckily, or Allah has made some perfect cycle to the world(its calles the butterfly effect on csi:csi, haha)
it was really really hot just now then Allah made the day to pay back by letting there be rain on earth
Alhamdulillah ya Allah,
but still there r days tht not been paid like just hot all along and sometimes it continued until night
its raining now, hehe just felt like want to take a bath there haha like in malay says (mandi hujan)
it was fun but now no way cause lol the thunder and lightning is there
ill put my life at stake if i go out there and mandi hujan haha
ok so long for now

be right back soon
after all its too dangerous to open my pc right now
with thunders and lightning still too dangerous hehe
im thinking of changing templates but it seems to be broken
maybe next time eh

Sunday, April 26, 2009


'Earth' has biggest documentary opening

Friday, April 24 2009, 20:58 BST

By Tim Parks

'Earth' has biggest documentary opening


Earth has had the biggest opening day take for a documentary in film history.

The Disneynature production netted $4 million for its first day of release in 1,804 US cinemas, according to Variety.

The documentary, directed by Alastair Fothergill, is the first film made under the new Disney Studios division. Disneynature was formed a year ago to get the company back into the practice of making nature movies, a staple in its filmmaking catalogue since 1948's Seal Island.

The division is based in France and headed up by Jean-Francois Camilleri. It reportedly plans to build on its recent box office success with March Of The Penguins, which brought in $77.4m (£72.7m) domestically.

The highest-grossing documentary ever in the US is Fahrenheit 9/11 with $119.1 million


hey techno geeks out there
know what this laptop brand is?
i really dont know
and want to know
caught it in csi:ny lately
the laptop beside taylor with the headphone sign
too hard to see
too hard to guess

Blogger went down


Blogger when down tht day errrm
wht day is it?
cant remember haha coz cant post tht day
got osme porblems with security certificate
not updated one just like upu website lol

heres a picture of it: the blog when down

no idea of writing new posts
but this story is true
or is it me who got errors
coz i just installed a new firewall then maybe it blocked from getting into blog

haha dunno really

Feel it, believe it

the temperatures rising out there
cant hardly take a walk like old times when the clock show 5 i went out and do something fun and can make me sweat but nowadays, tht wont happen again
i had to wait until 6 to get out
too hot
can u feel it
its true i saw it on earth report on ngc and watch it carefully tht it says hte latest report
tht the earths temperatur is really rising
and i saw somewhere else a programme tht says 6 degerees could change the world
and i watch it carefully how destrutible the earth will be if its temperature rises for about 6 degrees
better do something to stop it from rising
better check this next time coz i wanna edit more
not donw with it yet
the Earthings for helping it to stay longer will never be done as long as we can feel the heat heating our body day by day

gambar Pesalah Iran/Picture of One of the Betrayer of Islam

Nilah dia roxana saberi
name Islam doh pakai lagi gini
ni gambor molek doh pilih ni
ader gambor lagi teruk
ni dok speaking doh ni sebab maroh doh ni
hok ni lah buat orang Islam marah
kate Islam tapi paka tudung dok cukup kain
hilang pah maner dok tahu kain
hok ginilah wak buat Mumbai kena bom recently
sbb kate negara Islam (india) tapi amalan dok tahu pah mana doh
baktu set Pakistan buat keputusan nak bom biar insaf skit
biar kalu boleh nak buang 'title' negara Islam tuh
puas hati ;) huh

Saturday, April 25, 2009

American journalist jailed in Iran still on hunger strike, says she will not stop until she is freed

by Ali Akbar Dareini/Associated Press
Edited by Kodi

Saturday April 25, 2009, 9:26 PM

Hasan Sarbakhshian/Associated PressAkiko Saberi, the mother of imprisoned Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, holds her daughter's photograph in Tehran, Iran, on Saturday.

TEHRAN, Iran -- An American journalist jailed in Iran for allegedly spying for the United States was on her fifth day of a hunger strike Saturday and does not plan to stop until she is freed, her father said.

Roxana Saberi, a dual American-Iranian citizen who will turn 32 today, was convicted more than a week ago and sentenced to eight years in prison after a one-day trial behind closed doors. She began her hunger strike Tuesday to protest her imprisonment, her father said.

"She said that she has started a hunger strike and this is the fifth day and that she will continue until she is free. I tried to tell her that this can be dangerous, but she didn't give me any time to protest," her father, Reza Saberi, told The Associated Press.

The case has been a source of tension between the United States and Iran at a time when the Obama administration has said it wants to engage its longtime adversary. The United States has called the accusations against Saberi baseless and has demanded her release.

Saberi's father said her lawyer appealed the court's ruling on Saturday -- less than a week after Iran's judiciary spokesman said an Iranian appeals court would reconsider her verdict, an indication her sentence could be commuted.

Iran's judiciary chief has ordered a full investigation into the case, and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has urged Tehran's chief prosecutor to ensure Saberi be allowed a full defense during her appeal.

Saberi was arrested in late January and initially accused of working without press credentials. But earlier this month, an Iranian judge leveled the far more serious allegation of espionage.

Saberi, who was born in the United States and grew up in Fargo, N.D., moved to Iran six years ago and worked as a free-lance journalist for news organizations including National Public Radio and the British Broadcasting Corp. She received Iranian citizenship because her father was born in Iran.

Saberi's parents have traveled to Iran from their home in Fargo in a bid to help win their daughter's release. Her father has said his daughter, who was Miss North Dakota in 1997, had been working on a book about the culture and people of Iran and hoped to finish it and return to the United States this year.

Reza Saberi said that he hoped to see his daughter in prison on Monday and that he was concerned about her health.

"After five days, I am pretty certain that she must be very weak now, because we know she is already frail," he said.

Iran has released few details about the charges against Saberi, but Iranian Intelligence Minister Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi said Tuesday that the initial investigation of Saberi was done by an expert on security and counterespionage at the Intelligence Ministry before her case was referred to the court.

An Iranian investigative judge involved in the case also alleged that Saberi was passing classified information to U.S. intelligence services.

The U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Iran after the 1979 Islamic revolution and the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran by hard-line Iranian students. The Obama administration has said it is working with Swiss intermediaries who represent U.S. interests in Iran to secure her release.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Check out my vid at youtube

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My favourite

My favourite videos from my favourite ustaz
Ustaz Akhill Hayy

Weather forecast for today

23rd April 2009
i made it myself
flash storm coming at around 6p.m and the weather will be fine after a while
the storm is somelike a mini-typhoon with heavy strong winds coming through

hope it helps
haha (of course it will not)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day 2009

Today is Earth Day 2009

do something to show tht u care for her
like turning off the TV for a day(today of course) like the fomca
ask to turn off the tv for a week
thts impossible for people like us in malaysia
Mind control by the tv
U can make difference

or u could off the air-conditioner for today only
do as u like as long as u do something meaningful to her
b4 its too late
what about now?

The curse of the 2 WhEeled enGinE

This story is based on a true story
this story describes what the author really felt in the event
this story is not related to whom who is still alive or already dead
if so it is just a coincidence

It all started with a call
early in the morning
(just after Subuh like when some people went to work around 7 or something)
i like to go out at the tht time early in the morning
but sadly the shops are always close at that time
only some 24 hours outlets like 7E and D-lima are opened
i like to go out at tht time coz its cold
no one in the road
haha i say tht coz i always go with my old honda cub:TG 8535
as you can see at the top of this post
and that lucky(miserable day actually) i got a call from Salam(haha not the real name) my friend who asks me to drive him to town coz he wanted to apply for yayasan terengganu sponsor (as u know we r just some students finished SPM 2008 and wanting somethings to be done even though our results and reputation are different we still do them together sometimes)

So I picked up the call after dozenz of text messages i received from him and another close friend of mine, Alif (:)) not the real name) to ask me to go too to accompany them
at first i felt heavy to go(lol wrong use of english coz got mixed up with terengganu language)=meaning-braser berat hati
then i felt pity for them so i decided to go too coz i got nothing to do too at home

so i started my beloved motorcycle=the honda cub and vrooms it go
(my motorcycle is actually like a being
sometimes when its moody it cant go fast, but sometimes when its mood is okay it'll go very very fast until i can race with a newer motor and ill win)

i went to Alif's house
tht day we were three only
dunno with everybody else
maybe still busy with their morning doze(as i said b4 thts y shops r close early in the morning=i hate that cause once a Hadith from Rasullullah s.a.w told us to go and find rezqi(do work or find some money for the family to eat) after subuh prayers but some Muslims just ignore it and continue their good nights sleep (unless they r too tired after travelling=that can be accepted)

so i met

To be continued.....

not done yet
under constrution

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