Wednesday, August 19, 2009

H1n1 alert

although i guess im a little bit late but its still here

so im just telling that beware and be carefull of these things because we cant see it
with our own eyes

there are also some people who said that this virus is made by CDC or other organizations but nonetheless i dont really care i just care about avoiding it because i happen to have h1n1 after me coming home from semeseter break from university but luckily and Alhamdulillah it goes away just like that

so beware and be careful and always ask from Allah to avoid us from getting it...

here are some websites I wanna link to help u find info and guides about this deadly virus:

Mlaysian government health agency


syauqatul wardah said...

reda dh napok H1N1
biase gitu la,kekgi mari penyakit lain pula,lps se,se

virus robot xdk ke akh?

hikayateller ;readmyname said...

ni syamim nadiah la..hehe

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