Saturday, August 21, 2010

Is it me or is it a pandemic???

okay, I just recovered from a major somewhat disease last week and i thought what is it, its so powerful i think it was the most powerful fever i ever had.

It all started after i went to BTN which is compulsory by the university and the day after we came back to our hotel some of my classmates had fever and me too had it but that only lasts for a day or two and was not so powerful.

but it was not healed well, it left me with a major cough with trouble to sleep at night and all that and it fell like hell to me.

And the real day came after 4 days coming home from the BTN programme, on that Friday morning the major fever started, my body started to heat fast. At that time when i held my hands together i felt like it was burning becoz it was soooo hot, i was covering myself with a blanket with legs outside(knew this tip after researching in the internet on how to cure fever naturally)

SO i waited and slept until came 1 o'clock and it was time to go for friday prayers and i thought i wanted to skip it becoz i was uncapable of walking properly at that time but i was adament to go too, so i had a quick bath and went early in order to catch a bus to go to the mosque becoz im afraid i could faint on the way to the mosque if i went walking, so after the prayers i went home and slept immediately......

in a mere 24 hours from that i recovered after finishing my antibiotics, haha how thankful and happy i Am but my cough isn't gone yet, my friends were all infected with the same thing one by one in order, haha and how fair it was amongst us, and how delightful i am becoz im not facing this myself even though not at the same time, haha :)


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