Sunday, January 2, 2011

In safe hands, Allah!!!

Alhamdulillah I'm safe here at the borders of Malaysia... haha.... continuing studies at one of the most unknown universities in Malaysia, maybe one will somehow here it once but will just forget the name just like that.

but when someone knows the uniqueness of this institute maybe they will never forget it. haven't unpacked my stuffs into my locker yet , I felt boring waiting for the school to start, I mean the learning sessions to start pacing again, to start the race to get high pointers again :( not that i can get high on that, Insha-Allah in the future...Insha-Allah and i mean it for real with all my hardwork will be focused on that only...

So, good luck for me for this sem, may Allah bless me and help me in every way HE can help me to get what i wanted in the near future...of course to get married and have a good work to support my family and lived happily ever after until akhirat... Insha-Allah..


~mieyra~ said...

one of d most unknown uni in M'sia?doesnt that too much to say? knl apa.nway,d name of uni doesnt promise anything.yg pnting,urself.bila stat kls?ol d best to you lah! insyaAllah,may Allah leads u in wuteva u bnda baik,Allah tlg.=)

Syauqatul Wardah said...

ha'ah la Akh, x kisah la U mane pun,asalkan niat ikhlas nk tuntut ilmu. U Akh ok je, Akh...ada pula kate gitu ke U diri,haha.. b2 wat report kekgi, siap la Akh.
wah...belajar rajin2, dpt keje kahwin, jaga anak org baik2 ye Akh. x sabar nk tgk Akh kahwin, haha, jgn lupa jemput kak Mira ngan b2, haha

~mieyra~ said...

tah akh amir ni kan,b2?kte ptut bngga dgn u sniri.(agk2 unimap bg scholarship dop ke kte eh b2?kte duk backup unimap ni)haha.
btol tu,xjmput org ngn b2,siap la amir.loyal readers ni.haha.nk cokelat!

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