Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Disable automatic updates in google chrome

Long time no update here but nvm

Recently, my google chrome updates itself to the newest version it has and this has annoyed me evry much, so I have found a way not to do so as I like the way google chrome the old version one(my favourite version one), so here's the steps

1. Open Start Menu and then hit Run or if you are using Windows 7 press (Windows Logo+R)

2. Then type "regedit" (without qoutes)

3. Go to the following address:

If don’t see the Google as key there in the left pane under Policies then you will need to create a key named "google" and then create a another key named "Update" under newly created Key Google

4. Create key under Update Key named DisableAutoUpdateChecksCheckboxValue as string key value and set its value to 1 to disable automatic google chrome update, if you want to enable the auto-updater set its value to 0.


Exit google chrome and you are done, google chrome will not update automatically now.


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