Saturday, February 7, 2009

Himpunan Hadis Raulullah s.a.w.

Bacalah Quran, sesungguhnya Quran itu akan datang pada hari kiamat sebagai pemberi syafaat (penyelamat dari neraka) kepada pembacanya. (H. Muslim)


muzammir muhammad said...
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muzammir muhammad said...

good blog.. may I've ur email..?

kodi said...

thank you
btw your my first follower
thank you for your support
my email is:
and why r u asking my email
u can always comment here!

kodi said...

actually my blog for hadis is at
u just got in the wrong blog
coz im moving
it to another blog

kodi said...

Ill leave this one to announce the transfer
it will be move
Hadis Blog

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