Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The curse of the 2 WhEeled enGinE

This story is based on a true story
this story describes what the author really felt in the event
this story is not related to whom who is still alive or already dead
if so it is just a coincidence

It all started with a call
early in the morning
(just after Subuh like when some people went to work around 7 or something)
i like to go out at the tht time early in the morning
but sadly the shops are always close at that time
only some 24 hours outlets like 7E and D-lima are opened
i like to go out at tht time coz its cold
no one in the road
haha i say tht coz i always go with my old honda cub:TG 8535
as you can see at the top of this post
and that lucky(miserable day actually) i got a call from Salam(haha not the real name) my friend who asks me to drive him to town coz he wanted to apply for yayasan terengganu sponsor (as u know we r just some students finished SPM 2008 and wanting somethings to be done even though our results and reputation are different we still do them together sometimes)

So I picked up the call after dozenz of text messages i received from him and another close friend of mine, Alif (:)) not the real name) to ask me to go too to accompany them
at first i felt heavy to go(lol wrong use of english coz got mixed up with terengganu language)=meaning-braser berat hati
then i felt pity for them so i decided to go too coz i got nothing to do too at home

so i started my beloved motorcycle=the honda cub and vrooms it go
(my motorcycle is actually like a being
sometimes when its moody it cant go fast, but sometimes when its mood is okay it'll go very very fast until i can race with a newer motor and ill win)

i went to Alif's house
tht day we were three only
dunno with everybody else
maybe still busy with their morning doze(as i said b4 thts y shops r close early in the morning=i hate that cause once a Hadith from Rasullullah s.a.w told us to go and find rezqi(do work or find some money for the family to eat) after subuh prayers but some Muslims just ignore it and continue their good nights sleep (unless they r too tired after travelling=that can be accepted)

so i met

To be continued.....

not done yet
under constrution


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