Monday, May 4, 2009

1 minute of winning or losing

recently i just passed my motorcycle test at PSM(where i learned and got my license)
thought it would be easy at first but finally i had to take it three times then I can pass
haha, I was so unlucky
I noticed the Officer that was testing me that day at first and he took a glimpse of my face then he look at my papers(my recent tests and anything else)
and guess what he laughs by his own just like an insane man
i thought so coz i had to take three tests then can pass
I was myself laughing too after the test
I said "huh, finally i passed"
i would like to jump and scream like hell but theres too much people there
haha its all from the support of my family(my mother,father, brother) and Faiz Stopa(haha)
he unofficially helped me, and i thought i wanted to give everyone i know there a treat at the cafe there but some refuses and some was not there,hehe
Amirul(cant remember his real name=just called him Amirul Ayu, haha), Zulhilmi bin Johari(my old best friend) and others

and one last thins b4 i went home i met other old time friends too
and one of them after me telling him that i pass the test said "Pasni boleh rempitlah,haha"
haha i laughed and then some old man heard and said loudly "hei budok nih test dok pass lagi nak rempit doh" and almost all there laugh,haha what a joke

so long for now
until next time my location of test on satellite view haha


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