Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Lol thought that this week would be a better week
but hell no it isn't
it just got started
my week changed frantically when my parents forcing me to finish getting my car license quick(dunno y=thought maybe to let me send and take my brother to and from school)
and on that particular day
it started
the nightmare i've always feared b4 the day of bad luck all the way
dunno y its always happening to me maybe got some hikmah from Allah for me
well some say what goes around comes around, lol , it maybe right coz bad things happen to me and come back
what the hell's going on with my life
u know what i didn't told you yet about my "nightmare" yet
here's how it goes:
my motorcycle license got lost(P) just got it a few days b4)
my driver's learning license for car got lost too
and enough for that my IC was lost too(dunno where the hell does these things went)
searched my whole house but still cant find it

imagine how much fine/charge i have to pay for renewing those cards
lol, so much for the governments plan to turn digital in 2015 they should make a single universal card in case something like this happen to people
lol still I cant go learn some lessons at PSm
cant go out (without my motorcycles license)
and dunno what to do now

almost all of my friends r all gone now
continueing thier studies
my favourite friend talhah went to matriks
at the end of July then i can go and 'have fun' while studying
what am i gonna do alone here just with a bunch more friends waiting like me
:(( still i cant go out of house

YA ALLAH please make me happy although whatever u put me to ur test
and other people who has the same fate as me



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