Thursday, July 22, 2010

First day doing welding(should be on 19th july 2010)

First day doing welding, well it went well after a little bit of briefing but it was still a bad day full of bad n good things in the same day, fuuh, i sigh after facing that day,
so lets read what really happen that day:

Monday (19th July 2010)
IN the morning i had one class in pauh then i went back home, while just wearing a kain sarung(kain pelekat) i went out thinking of taking the right key in my hands and shutting the my door's room locked, and then it starts happening, my worst nightmare, i locked myself out with the wrong keys in my hand and by just wearing a t-shirt and a sarong, with just half an hour to class i didn't know what to do, i just relaxed at first hoping my roomate would come home with his keys to open the door, and guess what, my handphone was in there too, oooh , i thought i would never go to class that day even though its important bcause its a four hour class(workshop actually), so then i started getting afraid, afraid of misssing class... which i never done b4 since first sem, so i callled for help, first my housemate which is luckily my coursemate too, and then i called my friends, Sani n Aqmal to help me poke a card into the door's lock hoping it would open the door but we failed after all of us tried(it should be easy but that day felt hard even for everyone),

So, my housemate asked to lend me some trousers for me from Aqmal, so he agreed and gave a track-bottom thinking of me wont fit into his normal trousers cause im a little bit fat, hahaha(what a confession), so i wore it but i had to wear a t-shirt with a collar thinking of me going to class and into workshop,ohh and i forgot that i left my jacket in the room too, what a bad day it is... and then i hop in one of my friends cars to go to class which is a little bit far from the hostel....and then i borrowed a jacket from another housemat of mine on the way to go to class, luckily...but it was still small, lol;;

SO, i went to my class and a little bit briefing and off we went welding by ourself which i never done b4 but i had seen it from close b4, bla bla bla, my friend went to the hospital because some hot metal jumped into his eye, hehe, but his skin eye burn turning into black luckily it didn't hit his eyeball.So, i had to take his metal he left behind and get questioned and scold by technician , huh , adding an extra credit to my bad day, ahhh.

but then at the end of the day, i thought, what the hell , i didn't see it, i got helped by many of my friends at first and then i had to help my friend again but still i had a bad day but with a good thought of my friends are always there for me some day even if my friends are those who i never knew them and sociallize with them well.

p:s//haha on the night of my first welding day, i had a major eye pain just what the technician said but i didn't thought it would be so much pain,on the other day i had my eyes running with water like im crying 24 hours, it was like my tears water tap had leak,haha but on the third day it was fine again, how im glad tht day would come......


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