Wednesday, September 29, 2010

18 going on 19

My birthday is just around the corner with just a few days to come, i would totally be alone on that day and celebrate it on my own, my way.... even if somebody or someone or somegroup would celebrate it with me surprisingly.. i would not like it either because i hate people celebrating a birthday too much not that im a president or a noble-winner or an ulama' or something....

So, im getting old now and i hope i will change into a good and nice man slaving myself to Allah The Almighty, The Most Merciful, The Only One Rabb before stepping into my second decade life to make sure i change myslef into a well human being before getting old, or when its too late to change...

SOoooo Early Happy birthday too myself and good luck for me( to those reading this or not)( i dont pretty much care at all becoz this blog is mainly made for me to look into in the near future or when im dying with boredness when im old one day.... so tata......see you again sooner or later, hahaha..


~mieyra~ said...

huhu..yeah,u're not anyone.but u are a friend,dude.mesti la diorg nk celebrate.even u are not that surprise with their surprise,just pretend u are.that's what friends are made for.hehe
nway,i know im very very late.its 14 oct,kan?org ingat ni,x refer kat mana2 betul lah kan??disconnected from this so called alam maya for a while,and maybe the last person 4 this year,but i wanna wish you happy belated birthday.smg Allah menerangi jalan hidup dengan cahaya-Nya.oh,sy lg tua dr anda rupanya.haha

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