Friday, February 8, 2013

History repeats itself in THIs Blog

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."CITES: George Santayana,

Need more editing in the quote above,lol after so long not writing/blogging it feels like my head ain't sharp for writing in english now,haha. In this post i just wanna show something i've recently found on my blog that can match the quote above that history repeats itself when not remembered. Here look at this screenshot i took:
Haha cannot put it now cause of lack of my knowledge on using a tablet to crop an image by using no app
So, the point is that in 2008 i only posted one post in a year and in 2012, 4 years after that again i posted only one post a year just for no particular reason although i am actively online on both years. I hope in 2013 my blog will be fill with posts now and then to not repeat the history again. So, thats my post for now, just showing that history repeats itself when one forget about it, and i totally forget about my blog last year...haha-SyS


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