Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wreck It Ralph (2012) Review

I just downloaded a few animation movies this week and had watched it on my own of course. If I dont watch it on my own maybe the feelings and understanding of the movie wont be there for me, haha. So, the first, the 2nd actually is the Wreck-It-Ralph movie which is launched in 2012, the review overall I would give this movie is  8/10 as it is one of the best movies i;ve seen but not the best yet.

The movie is about a game character wanting to be a good guy and wanted to be praised all the people around him in the game, so he accidentally started an adventure and met new friends along the way and finally he knew what he had done wrong and tried to fix it with the help of his friends.

Finally he got what he want and lived happily ever, almost the same ending in cartoon/animation these days especially an animation from Disney. The graphics in the movie are wonderful, especially when it comes to the Sugar Rush game where everything is made from candy, it really make my stomach go hungry when in this game.

So, that's all it, I thought I just wanted to make a short review but had overdone it, haha so stay tunes for more of my blogging from my life stories and everything that comes to my mind that i feel I wanna write here...Bye :)


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