Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Warning the global pendemic is in ur way

This is no joke because earlier reports have been told that in Israel(the zionist) have been reported that 10 have died from swine flu
so beware coz now its spreading through out the middle east
despite the long thousand of kilometers of distance of Middle East to Malaysia we better get prepared for it
the WHO told tht its okay to eat pork even though this pig, poultry and human strain virus is already spreading
who cares about eating pork now coz the virus is somehow coming from the pork itself
lol I thought so that the WHO would say like that for this starting pandemic that is all caused by some dumb people eating pork huh

Pigs can harbor infleunza viruses adapted to humans and others that are adapted to birds, allowing the viruses to exchange genes and create a pandemic strain.


muzammir muhammad said...
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