Friday, June 19, 2009

Photoshop 101

Cutting/taking an object from a background

Create new path
Click at pen(sharp pen)
start to cut the image you want(for curve cutting you must make many points or follow the cutting tips)

Cutting tips:

Select point:hit Ctrl key+click on the point
Delete point:Click on the point
Moving point:Ctrl key+click+move mouse
(dunno whether theses tips work coz i dont really use it lol)

Ctrl key and take eveything you cut using ur mouse(like taking many files to copy)
then Ctrl click on the new path
go to select, click feather(put 2 or something=the higher the number the smoother it will be)
Click the layer tab at the right then click background and copy(Ctrl+C at the background)
It will show a no entry sign when u want to copy it but ignore it
Create a new layer
and paste at the new layer(Ctrl+V)
Check ur cut image by clicking at the eye symbol at the background

Changing backgrounds:

Ctrl click and take all of ur cuttings(just like above)
then Ctrl click at the path(same as above)
go to select, click inverse, then click feather (and do the same as above)
create a new layer
go to edit and select fill
select colour and choose the colour you want

done :) enjoy


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