Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a few more days to.....

a few more days to blast off haha

not blast off but temporary/permanent/terminal shutdown of this blog
and this blog will stop posting for sure in just a few days more

if not i can still post but with limited time and space
so followers(erm 2 followers only) and viewers haha it dependz on u to keep following me or ignoring me in the future

maybe in the future ill change this blog into a wedding blog(hehe)for my wedding, haha
what a futurist kid I am
coz im continuing my studies at a far place
further than the moon hehe
just a round the corner of malaysia actually

so sit tight coz another blogger will be gone or not(just wait and c)

P/s:will still post after this, lol special request from iela haha

this is still not the last post
it will be repeated.....so long...


neeZhom said...

Salaam. hhmmm macam faham, tp tak tau la kut2 salah faham, tp xkan dah nak stop blogging yer hehe.

dapat sambung study ke mana tu? semoga sukses la nanti dan dipermudahkan segalanya. thanx buddy :)

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