Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Making ur firefox run faster while browsing

if u want to make IE run faster you must make another different tweak that i could'nt remember,
but now its for firefox
so first step is to go to firefox and type in about:config at the navigation bar(the place where u always put url or website addresses hehe)

then click I'll be careful, I promise
now just search for 'pipelining' at the filter
then it will show four results
so the first one is to set the first one from false to true just by double clicking it
the second one
maxrequest=set it to 8 (also double click to change)
its maximum value is 8 but you can also put higher haha
to make sure it is the fastest speed you can get
then, the other two remaining down there just set it to true too
then u r done now

so enjoy :D
this tutorial is specially dedicated to iela haha(for requesting)
this post maybe my last post
dunno yet


IelaJunsu said...

try doh
x tahu jdi ke x hahaha
xdop rase =,=

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