Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lol just wanna list down what im gonna miss when imgoing

of course first of all my family
my mother,my father, mr brothers and sisters

my beloved motorcycle(lol felt like its gonna miss me too cos felt like its power is decreasing when my last ride on him)haha gonna miss u cub(hehe just gave it a name haha)

portal komuniti smkatj
gonna miss it so much
and all erm juniors
lol if only i can online at u in the future then i wont miss it(hope so)

lol gonna miss my blogs
still under construction lol
got many followers haha (mostly iela=the same person lol)

gonna miss this computer lol
(caring it now)
lol gonna miss this powerful computer
gonna miss opening tabs so much hmmm

gonna miss the internet but its ok coz if im online while at U i can go to my link blog then can get easy access to places i like
also in this blog got links to my favourite websites tooo(especially online flash games haha)

-still not done-


IelaJunsu said...

eh, my name di sane hahaha

comey name moto XD

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