Tuesday, April 28, 2009

☼ The heat gets paid back ☼

maybe this pic fits me haha
thunder is outiside
very scared for opening my pc hehe
haha just now it gives me hell for the heat of the earth
(gives me hell) haha never been there though but can make it connect to hell cause it was really really really hot just now
but luckily, or Allah has made some perfect cycle to the world(its calles the butterfly effect on csi:csi, haha)
it was really really hot just now then Allah made the day to pay back by letting there be rain on earth
Alhamdulillah ya Allah,
but still there r days tht not been paid like just hot all along and sometimes it continued until night
its raining now, hehe just felt like want to take a bath there haha like in malay says (mandi hujan)
it was fun but now no way cause lol the thunder and lightning is there
ill put my life at stake if i go out there and mandi hujan haha
ok so long for now

be right back soon
after all its too dangerous to open my pc right now
with thunders and lightning still too dangerous hehe
im thinking of changing templates but it seems to be broken
maybe next time eh


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