Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Any guides to go to a pasar malam?

haha-made on 6.45p.m 28th April 09
i just came back from the night market or easily called the pasar malam
my mom asked me to buy things in details
before this i always go with my mom and just follow her from the back
but now for the first time i had the task to buy somethings haha(looks too hard)
haha but for me ill just buy what i wanna buy (and looks delicious for me) things that show up in front of me at the pasar malam haha, fried chicken or something

so this afternoon my mom asks me to buy some karipaps(of course i know what is it =haha)
so i searched n searched(just making sure its not there to make excuses from being scold by my mother=haha)
but didnt find one
so sad at tht time cannot fullfill my mother's task especially when she wants to break her fast(its just a side order but it seems to be important too)

so i just went back empty-handed hehe (just missed the karipap=other foods-mission accomplished)

so my way of shopping is just errrm I technically call it fast-shopping
in order to save time= i just walk fast and buy what i want=haha absolutely what i want when i buy alone
haha so thts my way hows ur way-send comments to answer


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