Sunday, April 26, 2009

Feel it, believe it

the temperatures rising out there
cant hardly take a walk like old times when the clock show 5 i went out and do something fun and can make me sweat but nowadays, tht wont happen again
i had to wait until 6 to get out
too hot
can u feel it
its true i saw it on earth report on ngc and watch it carefully tht it says hte latest report
tht the earths temperatur is really rising
and i saw somewhere else a programme tht says 6 degerees could change the world
and i watch it carefully how destrutible the earth will be if its temperature rises for about 6 degrees
better do something to stop it from rising
better check this next time coz i wanna edit more
not donw with it yet
the Earthings for helping it to stay longer will never be done as long as we can feel the heat heating our body day by day


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